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Dirt, Sand and Maybe Something That Grows
April 11, 2010, 5:31 PM
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Hey, can you smell that? The smell of moisture and dirt. The wind carries with it a biting reminder of the fleeting winter. The sounds of birds singing and children laughing float in the air and for once, in much toooooooo long, the spring is here.

There are people who love the summer, who revel in its blazing sun and warm waters. The people who love to bake themselves under the glowing stranger we call the sun. The bladers and skaters, the hikers and the bikers. These sun gods are contrasted by the those who love the winter. The ones whose cheeks are stained rosy by the cold wind and the die-hard Canadians who are playing hockey in -25° Celcius. Blah, blah, blah, blah. Me? I feel like I’m melting under that sun, and the winter makes me hibernate. But the spring, ahhhhhhh, is there anything as beautiful as it? All of a sudden, that white blanket has melted away and in a matter of a couple of weeks I already have weeds growing in my garden.

It’s not like I planted anything, well not really. I just can’t help getting excited, the minute the snow melts and the ground loosens up I’m out there turning the soil and planting sunflowers (who know if they’ll grow). It’s not as if I’m a particularly good gardner. Half the time I forget the name of pansies… or are they peonies? I have no idea. I don’t meticulously study plants, or really even remember which ones are planted where. I approach gardening with the same half-harzard attitude I take on anything that’s a mystery to me. I throw things in the ground, water it and promptly forget what I did.

Anyhow, it’s spring now and I’m anxiously awaiting for my garden to start blooming. Oh, how I love encouraging my flowers to grow and threatening spiders with death if they don’t go somewhere else.

I guess I’m just getting a little infected with a spring fever, the frost is melting, and something in my heart has begun to bloom.


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Comment by camilla

The Spring and the Fall are the only two seasons I enjoy in this god-forsaken province. Being from Vancouver Island I’m used to a balmy temperature range between 0 and 25 degrees, anything else is inhumane.

Comment by Cedrick

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