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Blood and Pain
April 13, 2010, 8:42 PM
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I had decided that I was going to talk about a specific topic today. I’ve been mentally going over my intro, all the clever ways I was going to bring it up, you know, that casual mention. Anyhow, I’ve had a relatively busy day (for me) which included things that people do during the day.

One of the things I decided to do today was bake cookies. I’ve been wanting some potent spice cookies for a few weeks now and since I haven’t gotten around to picking up spices and weird things like rosewater, oatmeal raisin will have to do. I don’t know what it is with us, but Mike and I are late night bakers. Eleven o’clock hits and we’re rolling out the dough for our cinnamon buns, or gingerly mixing up the muffin mix. By midnight we’re enjoying a fresh baked good with a large glass of milk.

 It’s taken a while to make my point to him, but Mike finally concedes that he does not have the patience to follow a recipe. This means that I have designated myself as the Bake Master. I briskly move around the kitchen beating this and sifting that, my apron flowing behind me like the baking superman I am. Here I am in my glory, watch me mix and make things taste good. Full of self-admiration, I reach into the oven with the cheap-ass oven mitts that I forgot that I bought at the dollar store. Red-hot pain shoots through my fingertips on my right hand and with my left (un-“protected”) hand I reach over to grab the pan. That’s right, I grabbed a pan that had been baking in my oven for twenty minutes at 375º in some sort of attempt to relieve that pain. It didn’t work. Scorching, white hot, mind numbing pain shot through myother  hand. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, I didn’t drop a single cookie off of the sheet and onto the floor. Yeah, I roll that way.

Those cookies? Best cookies I’ve ever had. My blood and pain went into those cookies. Wait, not blood, but definetly pain went into them. So the topic I had planned all day to talk about? That’ll have to wait, cause right now I’m mimicking my favorite three-year-old and staring at my burnt hand and pouting.

I’m totally having another cookie.


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I totally do that! Late night T.V. starts and I feel the sudden urge to bake Banana Bread. 20 minutes mixing, and an hour in the oven. Another late night for me.

Comment by Cedrick

You are hilarious! I actually sat at my desk reading this post and laughed out loud…thanks for the smile Tannis – I will be back to keep reading a little later…keep up the great work! PS) Welcome to the late night bakers club! I do the same thing…lol.

Comment by Tash

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