The Lifespan of a Fly

May 4, 2010, 5:28 PM
Filed under: Bad Movies For Everyone

No longer just an auditory experience, the world of video has infiltrated the exclusive society of music and neither will ever be the same. I swear, I don’t really watch that many music videos. Ok, ok, maybe my brother and I enjoy exploring youtube once in a while. And sometimes our hunt is successful, and sometimes it fails dismally.

The problem I have with programs such as Much More (or whatever it’s called now. I remember when they had a sock puppet named Ed) is that my musical tastes and that of the masses don’t always coincide. I know this for a fact because although I may not enjoy listening to them, watching music videos can be good for a laugh. So, I strap on my trusty, second-hand, “I wanted a new one” iPod and watch the videos to music I can stand while I’m at the gym.

I’ve noticed that I have a, well let’s call it a knack, for always catching the Top 10 Countdown. Which means that I’ve had plenty of time to examine Hedley’s Perfect and I wish I hadn’t. I don’t have much to say about it, other than there is a way better purpose for red paint then useless symbolism. Gee whiz, I wonder if the continuously falling confetti and the non-destructive fire could have anything to do with the tense couple who’s breaking up?

I can’t believe that this completely stupid music video (which, by the way has miraculously hit #2 on the chart now) has irritated me enough to post about it. But wait! Don’t think I’m just talking out of my ass. Don’t think that I’ve only received half of the message. I watched this video today AND listened to the song…. My conclusion? I’m categorizing this as a Bad Movie.



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Hedley has got to be the worst band. Even Nickleback (cringe) has more *Harumph-Choke* Tal-l-l-lent than these faggy dudes

Comment by Zack

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