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Say Goodbye to Social Networking (at least for this girl)
May 19, 2010, 8:01 AM
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My last post related to disturbing social behaviours that are originated from and exhibited on Facebook, and probably Twitter as well. I try not to post about the same topic more than once in a row, but due to an infortunate occurrance, I have made a decision that will change my life for the better (hopefully).

I’ve hear stories from other people about how Facebook has wrecked frienships etc. I always laughed at those stories in my usual mocking manner. PFFF! I’d think. How can you let something as stupid and useless as Facebook wreck a friendship? Well, it’s happened to me. I made the decision on Monday to delete someone off of Facebook. My reasoning behind this drastic measure is long and varied but it comes down to this simple fact:

You are not my friend. Or at least not a good friend.

Now, apparently, there are people on Facebook who closely monitor the number of “friends” that they have. Once in a while I get emails from those obviously bored people asking me “what happened?”…. Nothing happened, which is why I deleted you. If you don’t call me on my cell phone then why do you care if I delete you? Because you’re annoying, that’s why.

So I decided to delete this person because he is not a very good REAL friend to Mike and I. Actually, let me clarify that. I don’t care in the slightest how people treat me. That would have to be because I don’t really care about their opinions in the first place. But when you treat my husband poorly, you have made a new enemy. This is completely true, just ask some of my relatives. I had thought about my course of action for a few days, anticipating that this person would fall through (again) and was comfortable with my decision. I was not going to make a big stink about this. That wasn’t the point. I didn’t want to fight. That also wasn’t the point. All I wanted to do was have a clean, silent break. Less than 24 hours after the deletion period, Mike and I are bombarded with nasty texts and Facebook messages from this individual calling me crazy and other words that are usually written like this: $*&&*@(.

Look, I know I’m crazy. If you’ve known me for more than a week, you’re probably aware of this fact too. Hell, if you read this blog, you probably have made that assumption yourself. But not to worry! I’ve figured out the perfect solution to this stupid friend deleting problem…. I’m just deleting my damn Facebook. %*(%&*% You Facebook and how you make grown men act worse than 14 year old girls.


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Yes, nicely said Tannis!!!

I too am a Facebook deleter and I am proud and extremely happy to be away from all that drama. “With friends like that….” you know!

Good on you to take a stand, its unfortunate sometimes when someone shows their “true colors” especially in this instance.


Comment by Terrie

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