The Lifespan of a Fly

Whatever you call our generation, we’re still figuring ourselves out
June 22, 2010, 8:34 AM
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Since when do men do dishes?

A lot of different names have been connected to our generation, “Generation Y”, “Generation Next” and other unoriginal abbreviations. But whatever you call us, it’s apparent that our values are in contradiction with those held by our parents and grandparents before us.

A friend of mine is a young lady in a successful position which promises many worldly goods and other tangible items, but at a cost. She is working long days, her home life is secondary and she has been suffering a sense of disillusion with the values of the older generation before her.

Money. Now that’s something that we’ve been taught since young children as being a very, very important item. I think Rosanne Barr said it best: “Money doesn’t make you happy, but it sure does help”. I work in an office where a lot of the people make a lot of money, money that I only dream of what I would do with it. My dreams are pretty simple really: buy a house, pay off my student loans… and maybe buy a vehicle that doesn’t announce its own arrival with incessant squeaking. So yeah, those are things I would like to own, but do I need them? Probably. Am I happy without them? Yeah, absolutely. Because I have community. That’s not something you hear much of from media advertising or teachers, guidance counsellors and co-workers. They don’t tell you how important it is the have that lifeline. How important that web of support, of family and friends is to your overall wellbeing.

It seems like my generation is breaking the mold. They go through years of University, stressing about marks and tests, only to be thrown into a well-paying job that really does not boast that elusive light at the end of the tunnel. They work for a very short time in said job and come to realize that there is so much more in life they are missing. Things like a warm summer day spent on your back porch with a beer and a book. Or a girl’s night with ice cream cake and lousy horror movies (by the way Janet, I’m sooo looking forward to this).

Those are the things that remind me of how great being alive is. Not my car, or my new bed (which has nearly cured my back pain) but the things you really can’t buy. One of the things that make me glad to be alive is sitting here and writing this blog. I feel like I’m leaving something for my community of human beings. Aww, now we’re a community.

Do what you love, regardless of the pay. Pursue personal fullfillment. The stuff is nice, but at the end of it all, look around at all your pretty stuff and tell me it was worth it all. It’s just stuff.


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Well said!! Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Comment by Monique

you need to POST MORE OFTEN

Comment by tlabine246

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