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Feminism bows to genetic training
June 29, 2010, 1:10 PM
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Ok, so I’ve had numerous cups of coffee and some diet Pepsi and lunch so now I actually feel like I can communicate in a manner which would allow you to understand my irrational rambling. I blame Mike’s insomnia for my own grogginess. Every few months he battles insomnia for about a week or two, and because misery loves company, I must stay awake and assist him with whatever he’s got going on at eleven o’clock at night.

Last night it was samosas. For anyone who remembers my post “Watch out Billy! Those are Cannibals!” then it’s not surprising that I LOVE curry. Like, a lot. So of course I was pretty stoked about these samosas.

Mike has discovered that I have a knack for folding pastry and making potato stuffed pastries. Apparently, only a few decades of feminism aren’t enough to purify ourselves of the many centuries (millennia, whatever) of catering to our men. Therefore, guess who got stuck stuffing the samosas? Yeah, the wife in an apron (my dress was white. Bite me).

Which got me to thinking about feminism in the first place. I understand that equal rights are great and everything. And being able to speak out against drunk husbands that beat us is a pretty awesome privilege, but sometimes I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic for the days where we women would spend their days making dinner and looking pretty.

So here we are shouting about the importance of equal rights, yet there are so many double standards surrounding us. First, women are expected to look a certain way all the time, regardless of how hard we might work. Impeccable hair is required, make-up nearly mandatory and clothes, oh man the clothes. The office is like a non-stop fashion show that manages to just (and only just) meet the dress-code requirements.

Not only are we expected to look a certain way, but again we’re further expected to raise fully functional children on sometimes as little as four hours a day. No wonder North America is populated by so many psychopaths when a stable home life is valued less than a dollar a day.

I guess this goes back to the post I wrote about community. Do we even have it anymore? Where do we get it back from? I think I know the answer: women. So although I appreciate having the right to vote, and make money, and divorce my abusive husband, and own property, and all that grandness, I can’t help but want to wear dresses and lipstick to nowhere fancy but the store.

Feminism, thank you for what you’ve done, but I think I’ll hold onto my bra for now and pray for a day that returns women to their families.


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I think you ought to read Steven Pinkers book ‘the Blank Slate’. It’s an awesome book and is directly related to your post!

Comment by davidholman

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