The Lifespan of a Fly

Cinderella, Revisited
July 5, 2010, 8:08 PM
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Cindy had had enough of their shit. All that scrubbing was beginning to piss her off. You’d think her step-mother would be able to buy a proper mop with the inheritance from the death of her father. He had been crushed under a coach a few years before. Cindy found that to be a particularly embarrassing way to die.

And do you think her lazy, good-for-nothing sisters would pitch in? No, of course not. All those bitches ever did was sit on their butts and watch her work. Leticia, the biggest bitch of them all, was even engaged to some rich guy she’d never even met before!

While she was grumbling to herself about the evils of her step-family, the door bell rang. When Cindy opened the door an elderly woman stood there. She was carrying a large, battered old leather case that looked to heavy for her size.

“Honey,” the woman said, “do I ever have the thing for you.” Patiently, Cindy let her continue.

“Havin’ problems with rodent?” she asked. Cindy nodded her agreement. The rats had gotten particularly large recently. Hell, just last week they ate the cat.

“See this here doll? This is the best rat poison around. Kills the ones the size of toddlers it does. It’ll take care of any unwanted infestation.”

A small smile crossed Cindy’s lips. She allowed the woman to continue her sales pitch for a few more minutes and eagerly purchased a few cans of the poison.

Humming a jaunty little tune to herself, Cindy prepared her the afternoon tea to serve to her step-family. Pouring the boiling water into the teapot, she slowly crushes and mixed in a can of the new acquired poison.

Happily, she called her family down to tea to, again, enjoy the fruits of her labours.

“The tea tastes funny,” Leticia noted in her nasally voice. Promptly, before anything further could be said, or tea drank, they all keeled over dead.

As Cindy dutifully cleared away the mess and carefully disposed of their bodies, she was reminded the Leticia’s fiancée had never even met his to-be-bride. They had only ever corresponded through letters.

For the first time since her father died, Cindy notice the sun was out.


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