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Colouring your life
July 7, 2010, 7:38 AM
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So today I’m going to use a Plinky prompt. Which pretty much means that I haven’t been pissed off at anything for about a week. The prompt I chose is: You only get three crayong to make your picture. Which do you choose?

You might as well ask me what three items I would take with me to a deserted island. (LOST here I come baby!). But in the sake of fairness, let me look at this rationally.

I have a bad temper, better than it was when I was younger, but everyone still pisses me off, at least a little bit. No longer do I feel the need to yell and scream when I get angry… I have a blog to vent those feelings. On the other end of the spectrum, I love to the point of hurting myself. That’s probably why I kept dating all those jerks when I was younger. I want to fix and help and make everything better (and sometimes the anger comes into that feeling)… So for the purpose of this exercise, my first colour is RED.

I like to pretend I’m a secretive, hard to understand individual. Obviously, that’s a lie. Again, I regularly put myself out there on my blog. However, my fiction has been described as “macabre” (I like spelling this word, cause I have no idea how to pronounce it), and I love violent movies and zombies and laughing at the grotesque. So my second colour is BLACK.

My writing may be macabre at times, but it is always humourous (at least I laugh) so my third colour would be PURPLE. (And I just like purple)

What are your colours?


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You’ve done it again Tannis! Here I am at work enjoying my lunch hour catching up on your blog and laughing – I repeat – laughing OUT LOUD! I continue to thank you for your outlook on life and sharing it with those of us in this world (that were not blessed with the tremedous writing gift that you were) who more often than not can use some humor added to their days…sometimes you bring a smile to my face and sometimes a tear to my eye, but always – ALWAYS a laugh that comes up from the bottom of my belly and brings my co-workers to believe I’m off my rocker! Lol.

Comment by Tash

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