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Things you do when no one’s around
July 8, 2010, 1:01 PM
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I didn’t go into work this morning. No, I didn’t play hookey or call in with some false sounding stuffy nose. I legitimately booked this morning off because there was NO WAY I was leaving the Tool concert early last night. Which, by the way, was completely epic. So instead of getting up for work at 5:30 I leisurely slept in until 8:00 and enjoyed some of my “alone time”.

I really learned to appreciate alone time when I was at school, and now that I’m working for the summer, I really wanted to take the opportunity to do the small things that give my day much joy.

First, I stand out on my back porch in my underwear. I can hear some of you going “Oooh, big deal”. Well, let me explain. My backyard directly faces a busy road in my neighbourhood. Not only are there people driving by, and elderly couples holding hands and enjoying an early morning stroll, but directly accross the street is a bus stop. This whole “public underwear” thing is justified in my mind due to the asian lady who likes to stare into my home ALL THE TIME. Sometimes we play karate in the kitchen to throw her off.

Second thing I did was finish my book. It’s hard to read with Mike sometimes. He’s very, very attentive and although he’s watching the soccer game (or hockey game, or football game, or the Olympics, or the Special Olympics) if I open a book to read I’m somehow “shutting him out”. So I finished my book, and it ended as all of Philip K. Dick’s books do, anti-climatic and somehow fullfilling.

But above all else, the public underwear sharing, and the enjoyment of one of the greatest Sci-Fi writers (EVER), I ate ice cream for breakfast. I can further hear some of my female readers gasping in horror. For breakfast? Really? Yes, that’s right. I enjoyed a few large scoops of Tiger Tiger (a flavour I fought valiantly for and Mike embarassed himself into buying) and I do not regret it. Granted, I chased it with a bowl of cereal. It’s so satisfying to eat a specifically non-breakfast food item for breakfast. It feels like you’re doing something naughty and I would catch myself hastily glancing over my shoulder to see if Mike had somehow appeared in the doorway without my knowledge and was about to catch me in my dirty little pleasure.

Now that I’m sitting at my desk and staring at files, I’m so glad I did it.


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If you have your dessert for breakfast, you have all day to work it off. It just makes sense.

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