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5 Things To Do with a Batman Mask
July 9, 2010, 1:10 PM
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The call for Justice has been sent

Halloween is over and sadly you must wait until next year to wear your cherished costume again. Some people want to be fairies or knights, other people get a little more creative with their costumes. Myself, I love my Batman costume and regularly enjoy finding new ways to wear it out of season.

Here’s a list things to do with a Batman mask:

1. Door to Door Sales. Who hasn’t slammed the door on a salesman before? Regardless of what they’re selling, the first human instinct is “Get them away from me as quickly as possible”. A Batman mask will distract your potential buyer long enough for you to give your sales pitch.

2. Visit your lawyer What stronger deterrent to a skeezbag of a lawyer than having the true face of Justice staring at them throughout your meeting? Your lawyer would be too unnerved to unfairly pad your bill.

3. Wedding Stand-In Best man bailed? Can’t find a Justice of the Peace? No problem, a little bit of Batman will easily solve that problem. Batman also doesn’t need to pass any tests to marry people, Justice is his middle name.

4. Babysitting Children are afraid of Santa Claus finding out their dirty deeds, imagine if Batman was watching them for the evening. No longer will your little Johnny terrorize the local teenage girls. With Batman around, he wouldn’t dare to pull that junk.

5. Driving During Rush Hour Even though he’s driving a Volvo, you know he’s got somewhere important to go. Even the police will stop to let Batman continue his journey to bring peace and stop crime with every illegal left-hand turn.


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