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No, the answer is just “No”
July 9, 2010, 7:24 AM
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The internet has made newspaper advertisements and the Bargain Finder magazines nearly obsolete. All you have to do now is check out eBay or Kijiji to buy or sell any used items you could possibly need, or just plain out want.

After we got our new bed, it became apparent that we needed to sell our bedroom furniture. The nightstands were so small compared to our bed that I felt as if I was in legitimate danger of rolling off the bed and smashing my head on the nightstand, possibly breaking my neck. And if you know me at all, this is a very likely scenario. So, we started listing things on Kijiji. Within 24 hours we had sold our bedframe, two dressers and nightstands. All that was left of our unwanted bedroom furniture was a simple table that I had originally used as a computer desk and had since converted it into a vanity.

So I posted it for sale with a lovely picture accompanying it and had also thoughfully provided the dimensions to avoid the whole “well, how big is it?” routine. The first potential buyer had gotten our hopes up. She had told us that it was perfect for a computer desk. The day she was supposed to come and pick it up, we were informed via email (the preferred method of communication for the passive agressive) that it wasn’t large enough… Ok, we used it as a computer desk for years. Are you from a family of giants?

So the next potential buyer came along yesterday. She’s interested but she wants to come and “look” at it. Why? There’s a picture of it, I provided you with measurments, what possible reason would you have to need to come into my home to look at a table. Look, this thing is being sold for $20.00. If you’re not willing to take a gamble with $20.00 then I suggest you buy it new. The answer is no. No you cannot come into my home to look at this table. No you cannot possibly waste my time.

All this work for $20.00? You know what? I’m giving this thing to Goodwill. Take your gigantic family and your nosiness elsewhere. I don’t need your $20.00 that much. But thanks for playing.


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Hahaha weird. Maybe they just look for excuses to go into other peoples homes.

Comment by Zack

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