The Lifespan of a Fly

Yeah, but can I sleep in it too?
July 14, 2010, 10:33 AM
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Evil in disguise

I’ve developed a new addiction and I’m getting more and more scared. For years and years I’ve resisted the lure. I’ve resisted the temptation thrust upon me by my friends. “Just try it” they would say, “Seriously, your life will change for the better” and each time I’ve shaken my head and just said NO. A few weeks ago I finally succumbed and now my addiction has rooted itself in deep and I’m afraid to see how much farther I’ll go to appease the troll following me around. It whispers in my ear “Just one more… come on. Don’t be such a baby. Just one more”. I’m beginning to believe him too.

I can break myself after one more pair of yoga pants can’t I? I’m not sure if there is such a thing as “one last pair”. It started out as just wanting a pair to lounge around in. Really I would say to myself, When are you ever going to wear them, other than at home of course? It slowly progressed to wanting a pair of yoga shorts Because now it’s hot out. There’s no harm in one pair of shorts is there? Last night I became aware, no longer am I in denial. When I saw a pair of mid-length yoga pants that are “just perfect for my hiking trip”, I took it a step further by deciding that yes, I will get two pairs…. just in case.

I’m frightened by this new development guys. Will I continue to shun real clothes and only purchase these stretchy, comfy, cute pieces of evil? Will my hypocrisy take over to the point that I no longer know the joy of a good pair of jeans? In a way, I’m sort of hoping it does.


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