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Tough Life Decisions
July 15, 2010, 7:10 AM
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There is no way our minivan is going to withstand our holiday through the mountains. Already it screams its protest as we causally drive along city streets, or parking lots, or anything really. Mike’s father has kindly traded his Nissan X-something, and I think he got shafted in this bargain. In almost all areas the Nissan is superior to the van, including but not limited to:
a) Its seats recline
b) Its reclining seats are further heated
c) The power windows actually work. We have “Mike-power” in the van (he pushes the window down and pulls it up manually and prays we don’t get stuck in a sudden shower)
d) The Nissan actually works, and
e) We are less likely to be stranded on some deserted mountain road where we may end up as either dinner for a bear or dinner for Robert Pickton’s crazy cousin.

Notwithstanding the stated and implied superiority of the Nissan X-something (it’s gold in colour. That’s really all I care about), there is one area that the van kicks the Nissan in the ass: it plays MP3s. Now keep in mind that the van is a 1999 Pontiac Transport that came stock with a tape deck, and a few working cassett tapes like Pink Floyd and Supertramp, so its MP3 compatibility is the electrical engineering prowess of Mike. The Nissan is equipped with an archaic form of playing tunes: a CD player. We haven’t bought CDs in years and although our collection is large we are now left with the burning question:



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