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To PETA or not to PETA
July 16, 2010, 9:36 AM
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New PETA ad, courtesy of

It might not be a surprise to many people that I’m a vegetarian. I’m pretty vocal about my lifestyle and although it was never based upon an ethical perspective, I can’t help but feel as if I am contributing to a cause.

Upon reading an article about Pamela Anderson’s new PETA advertisement, I was appalled at the reaction from Montreal. Known internationally as a forward-thinking city, it was surprising they would deem it as “sexist”. My initial reaction upon seeing it was that Pamela Anderson looks amazing (airbrushing or no airbrushing). They way her body is dissected and labelled makes me want to understand what this advertisement is about. When I realized it was for PETA, I was shocked. Normally, PETA’s scare tactics turn me off rather than enlisting me to their cause. I don’t find this advertisement sexist. Rather, I find it to be a very clever marketing strategy. It captures its audience’s attention and makes them think twice about the food they are ingesting.

If large corporations with ridiculous net profits can use sex to sell books, magazines, clothing, make-up, hygiene products, cars, houses, vacation destinations, food and what-have-you, then why is it suddenly “sexist” to use it to sell ethics? This seems rather hypocritical and more of a biased opinion of PETA rather than the ad itself.

A vegetarian lifestyle isn’t always right for everyone. Just like a vegan lifestyle isn’t right fo me. I love milk and ice cream and cheese and eggs and couldn’t imagine my life without them. I try to think about HOW products are produced rather than what they are made of. However, I say good for you Pamela Anderson and PETA for thinking outside of the box and finding a new way to promote your cause.


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Of course its sexist, but does it offend? ME–>:)

Comment by Zack

I had no idea that this was going on. It’s fascinating the ads that bring in the most debate, isn’t it? I agree with you that it was a very clever marketing strategy. Definitely made me think twice about what I eat! Thanks for sharing!

Comment by Jamie

You’re body will thank you once you ditch the milk and eggs. You don’t have to even kick them a 100%. I’m what i call a ‘jack’ vegan. Organic free range egg in home made cookies= O.K. small amount of organic free grazing cows from Ireland.=O.K

It’s about perspective and proportion.
Look into Hemp Milk substitute, and you’d be amazed.

Comment by Doc

I appreciate your comments. However, as I’ve said to my numerous vegan friends, my decision to abstain from eating meat had nothing to do with ethical perspectives. Rather, I was battling digestive issues and haven’t had an issue since. Good luck to you and congratulations on your lifestyle. I am awed by vegans and their level of self restraint. Thanks for coming by.

Comment by tlabine246

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