The Lifespan of a Fly

The Toothpaste Game
August 9, 2010, 7:17 AM
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The night has come and the small room, lit by fluorescent light, shoots its beam out into the hallway. The after smell of cleaner fills the air but is overwhelmed by the growing tension. One eyes the other and a battle of wills has begun.

Closer, she moves towards her unsuspecting prey. Innocently, he is minding the bedroom, his mouth covered in minty foam. He is turning down sheets and setting the alarm to shrilly wake them before the sun even rises. She moves slowly, like a great panther. Her footsteps shrouded by the carpet. His back is to her. Slyly, quietly, pather-like, she slinks behind the door.

Blue, minty foam surrounds her mouth and she waits for her move. She sees his shadow on the floor, silhouetted by the flickering brilliant light in the bathroom. Her prey moves closer. She tries to time her attack appropriately. Everything will depend on this moment. This is the moment of victory or failure. This is the moment that will decide the superior player of the game.

Unwittingly he moves closer. He is innocent like the antelope, unaware that he is being stalked by a predator he cannot sense. Closer…. closer….. closer….. and then


Blue foam sprays everywhere and he bites back a scream of terror. His eyes light up and he grins at her. He has spat his toothpaste against the wall. The blue foam slowly slides down toward the carpet as she erupts in hyena-like laughter.

For tonight at least, the toothpaste game has been won.


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Nice one, I enjoyed that. Not easy to write a story in such a small space.

Comment by The Travelling Talesman

Thanks. This actually a game my partner and I play nightly.

Comment by tlabine246

As a victim of the toothpaste game, I must admit it is terrifying… and hilarious.

Comment by J.

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