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Well That Was Pretty Cool
August 20, 2010, 7:06 AM
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Wow. When I wrote “CBS Missed the ‘Sensitivity’ Memo” I had no idea that it would be Freshly Pressed. The amount of visits to my blog yesterday left me with my mouth hanging open going nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng. Anyhow, Thank you random visitors who came to hang out yesterday. I appreciate all of your comments. Actually, that’s sort of a lie, I didn’t appreciate some of them, and those ones were TRASHED! HAAHAH.

Writing is what I love to do. Whether or not you love what I have to say, don’t worry, because I write for me. This blog started as an assignment for my program in April and because I just love writing it, I kept doing it… I guess having readers come up to me and go “GET BACK TO WORK” is pretty helpful too. What I have to say about writing is that it is the truest form of expression. Through any writer’s work, you will get to know them. You will understand their mindset and the way they see the world. That is all that I’m trying to express here. I’m not trying to change the world, only the way we view it.

So again, THANK YOU for coming and hanging out. It was a very awesome experience and I hope a lot of you will come back for the more light-hearted pieces I write. The world is full of upset and anger, and although I vent it, I like to share the bits of joy that make it all worthwhile. So if you’re a new reader (and I hope you are! I always wish I could see your faces, know your names and know about your children/dogs/cats/llamas), then I would like to share with you the pieces that I would have chosen to be showcased (mainly cause I laughed my ass off writing them):

5 Things To Do With A Batman Mask
Love Is…
Small Town Lovin’
The “Fat” Problem
Friday Nights Chez Mike and Tannis

Now I’m going to try and clear away this headache that’s just kicking around from the noxious smoke from forrest fires 1,200 kilometres away, and settling in my brain


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