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Why I Don’t Want An iPhone.
August 24, 2010, 9:56 AM
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Ooooooh, the sound of you parting with humanity

Have you ever left your phone at home? You know that completely helpless feeling that results? All of a sudden your day is turned upside down. What time is it? Because you stopped wearing a watch years ago. Who is trying to reach me? Because you’re that important. What time does the bus come? Because they’ve stopped posting schedules and replaced them with the phone number to call.

And that’s just a regular old cellphone that rings, texts, calculates and tells you the time.

Almost everyone I know has an iPhone. And yes, they’re pretty cool. Mike has one and I use it for sporadic Facebook checks and to play Angry Birds (which, I will admit, would be the only reason to get one. At least for me). He gets angry and snatches it back with a “Get your own iPhone”. I regularly insist that there’s no need for me to have one, since I can just use his. These are my reasons for not buying my own.

1. The bill. Yes, I know, it’s only about $100.00 a month. I AM A FULL TIME STUDENT. $100.00 buys me groceries and real shampoo. Thank you, but I’ll keep my $50.00 bill and my cellphone that doesn’t do anything cool.

2. They break. I know, shocking right? Once, a friend was pointing out all the cool things his iPhone could do. I took my lime green Samsung flip phone, smashed it against the concrete, picked it back up and called him. Can your iPhone do that?

3. Games. For some reason, this seems to be pretty important. I take the train and the bus regularly and the amount of iPhones used as entertainment is insane. Here I am, with an old-fashioned book. The type with paper pages. Go me.

4. Social networking. Seems like a fantastic idea right? Well there’s a group of people “hanging out” and 80% are checking Facebook on their iPhones……. wow, that seems a little redundant to me. Try talking to the people SITTING IN FRONT OF YOU. Because apparently they’d rather actually spend time with you.

5. Because yours is going to be obsolete in approximately 2 years. Just like the iPod, the iPod nano, the iPod video thing and other Apple products I have still not purchased in any legal manner.

Stop telling me to buy one. I don’t want to. I appreciate your concern. I appreciate the fact that you think I’m “missing out” on life. Trust me, I’m living mine. You’re watching yours on a screen.


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You are correct with that one! I do have a blackberry & thats bad enough.

Comment by Christy aka Mamarazzi

Thank you for being probably the only other person to not jump on this crazy bandwagon. I like my $26 a month cell phone, and dislike all the hype.
I had so much fun camping this weekend with my hubby and sons, and you sure can’t do that on an iPhone.

Comment by warprinkathy

I have an iPhone, but I don’t pay $100 a month.. Sometimes it consumes my time, but I sure know how to prioritize 🙂 good post by the way 🙂

Comment by thegirlwithnoblog

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