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If only there were a spycam…
August 27, 2010, 7:26 AM
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Some people spend their whole lives searching for “the one”. Their perfect match, their soul mate, the person who gives them butterflies at every glance. Some people are so devoted to their cause they hire other people to find their love for them. And some people are so involved in their search that they miss the person right under their nose.

I met Mike when we were 18 (or 19… whatever I forget). I sat down in my highschool night class (yeah, I was a drop-out), and did the customary classroom scan. To my right sat two girls who looked so much alike I swear they could have been sisters. And behind me, to my left, sat a quiet young man. “He’s cute“, I thought and in the weeks afterwards I made a point of coming in late and having to sit with him. You know, cause it was the only available seat *Wink wink*. He looked at me, asked what music I was listening to, carried on an awkward conversation and promptly didn’t speak to me again for two weeks.

What a weirdo. Yes, that was my first impression of my future partner. Anyhow, we obviously progressed past the “Mike’s a weirdo” stage into something more normal…. Well, as normal as he and I ever get.

I’m so thankful that the only person that actually spies on us is that weird asian lady across the complex. ALL DAY she stares into our kitchen, watching up prepare dinner or play karate. Sometimes it’s annoying, but for the most part it’s interesting to see how far we can push her until she shuts her blinds. Look, if you’re going to stare into my house, I will give you a reason to watch me.

So we play karate in the kitchen, complete with sound effects and battle scenes. Last night we were jointly clapping…. uh, yeah.. you read that right. And when our hands got sore, we just started clapping like maniacs. For ten minutes the sound of hands slapping filled our house as our excitable springer spaniel, Rex, ran around yipping and trying to get us to stop.

Sometimes a soul mate isn’t someone who makes your belly do flips all the time. Sometimes a soul mate is someone who plays The Toothpaste Game with you, or performs intricate battle scenes in the kitchen, or spends 10 minutes clapping like a lunatic at a broadway show just to get the dog worked up. Sometimes the right person for you is the silent weirdo in the back corner.


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Awwwww Tannis! It’s nice to see your softer side. Congrats to you and Mike for being the weirdo’s of the complex 😉 ohhh… and the upcoming wedding.

Comment by Monique

Hi Tannis, I was checking out Dan’s blog and saw yours really enjoyed your perception on what a soul mate may be. Hope life is treating you well.

Comment by Rebecca

You said it.. yet again! Perhaps its just that we share alot of the same opinions/views because I agree with you a lot.

I thought about this topic the other day and thought.. “I think a person’s soulmate is the person who doesn’t find you that weird and who can tolerate spending countless hours with you doing just about anything. The person who sees past all the superficial stuff”.

Comment by Terrie

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