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The Pledge
August 31, 2010, 8:53 AM
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Hello my pretties

In light of my upcoming eight months of near poverty, and my wedding next year, I provided Mike with a pledge. I crossed my heart and swore to him that I would not shop for one entire year (unless, of course, I need new underwear or my jeans get those thigh holes from the friction). Yeah, this is a pledge coming from a self-proclaimed shopaholic. My closet is littered with clothes that look awesome on hangers and I always decide I don’t feel like wearing it today. I don’t blame Mike for getting frustrated. “Look at my new boots!” I declare, and then realize they match absolutely nothing I own. They just looked good in my brain.

So I made my pledge with the best of intentions and for the past 3 weeks I have held strong. I go to the mall without my debit card and admire things that are too expensive for me even with the debit card. However, today I have come across an obstacle.

Right now I am on Stage 1 of 3.

The first stage being rationalization. I have decided I need a pair of Oxford shoes. The reasoning behind this is that it’s too cold to wear sandals and flats now and it isn’t practical to wear boots all the time. The only shoes-shoes I have are skate shoes, which match jeans and that’s about it. Also, if I had a pair of Oxfords, I would be able to wear my skinny pants and jeans well into late fall and early winter. Makes sense right?

Stage 2 is where I have to wait for a few days. If I still think that it’s a necessary purchase in a week’s time then it may be worth considering.

Stage 3 will make or break me. Stage 3 is where I ask permission from Mike. I am completely reliant on him to decide whether or not I’m allowed to make a purchase. If he says no, then I have to wear boots. If he says yes, then I’m going to be full of guilt.

Does it still count as breaking my pledge if he gives me permission? It sorta feels wrong even LOOKING at shoes right now.

But they are damned cute.


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hahah I am in the same predicament, but have no one to ask for permission. It might be nice to revel in the fact u do…..:)

Comment by Lisa

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