The Lifespan of a Fly

A Lesson Learned?

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with the beginning of school and me being sick (again) and complain-y (again). So here it is (finally):

Eric Tillman has been hired as the new GM for the Edmonton Eskimos.

Wait, what?

That’s what I said too. I don’t follow sports (at all), but I have heard all the highly positive, community oriented, socialist messages that the Eskimos are known for. So you can imagine the confusion when the former Saskatchewan Rough Riders GM was charged with sexual assault… by his sixteen-year-old babysitter. And then we hired him? OK…?

You can read more about Tillman’s assignation here at Global Edmonton.

But don’t lock your daughters up just yet…. Tillman says that he’s learned his lesson: Don’t sexually assault teenage girls. Whooo. We’re safe. You’ve set my fears at ease Tillman.

Seems pretty simple right? Actually, it seems so simple it shouldn’t even need to be said. I know young girls dress provocatively. I get that they like to flirt with men. They’ve been doing it for generations. I didn’t realize there needed to be a class teaching values like DON’T TOUCH TEENAGE GIRLS WHO ARE BABYSITTING YOUR CHILDREN. Apparently my own feelings are echoed by other Edmontonians.

In an online poll conducted by Global News on Monday, more than 1,000 people voted, and 73% of respondents said they did not believe Tillman should not be hired as the team’s GM. Hundreds of angry comments have also flooded in via on our Facebook page.

“If Tillman becomes the new GM of the Eskimos, I will no longer support the team.” one Facebook user said on the Global Edmonton Facebook page. “never will I attend another football game in Edmonton!” said another.

I have an idea to get the proof we need of Tillman’s newly found ethics and self-restraint: Nanny McPhee

Molestable? I think not.


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Well said 🙂
I missed you on here!

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