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Why Bad Language is Good for You
September 15, 2010, 7:11 PM
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I’m going to start this by coming clean. I’m a hypocrite; completely and irreversibly. I have, in the past, written posts and essays about the importance of correct language and its mechanics. Sure, I joke around and make it lighthearted, but what I’m really saying is:

I’m better than you

But I’m not. I have a vice when it comes to language. I love to swear. Like, a lot. It’s become common within my household for entire nouns and adjectives to be replaced with curse words. Whole thoughts aren’t even completed! OH! The travesty! The humanity!

Cause it goes a little sumthin’ like this:

“So you just bip that sh*t on to the sh*t and it sort of just f****.”

It’s some strange sort of jargon that only certain experts can understand. I forget myself sometimes. I forget that I’m dressed nicely and look socially acceptable (it’s all a terrible lie), and the words slip out of my mouth. I never even realize what has happened until the my poor receiver gapes at me open jawed.

Yeah, ok, but why is this good? you might ask. I will ask you a question in return: how is it NOT good?

They’re only words. Their meaning is completely contextual. If they’re meant negatively they are negative. For example, if I say, “Your mom is cold” apparently this means something other than that we need to turn up the thermostat.

See, it’s about the tone, the inflection, the context.

In summary, I like swearing. The words feel nice on my tongue and they flow oh so easily. If I can slip a good curse word into my stories, well by gosh, I’m gonna do it! And I will NEVER skip it in a reading.

I leave you with these parting thoughts:

Let’s bip some sh*t up


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