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Envision my Apathy (You’re Driving me Democrazy!)
October 15, 2010, 8:55 AM
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For the past year or so, the City of Edmonton has been deliberating the closure of the City Center Airport, a facility whose only real redeeming feature is emergency air transportation. For the past year or so I have been bombarded with groups demanding that I make a decision on an argument I’ve never really understood.

Envision Edmonton spent a good number of months forcing people to sign their stupid petition demanding a vote. I’m all good with the democratic process, I vote at every election and all the junk, but I feel as if my rights have been violated. I said “No” once nicely, only to have that answer met with protestations and a pen shoved into my hand. As I was babysitting a tired three-year-old at the time, I relented and signed the damned thing, just to have someone leave me alone that day. I regret that decision now. I even debated phoning up the news stations and stating that I rescind my signature. “I was unfairly pressured into signing it!” I would inform the City. I was spared that fate when the Alberta Courts threw out their stupid petition because these people can’t even be relied upon to collect signatures properly.

But that is not the last we’ve heard of Envision Edmonton. Just like the Little Train that Could, they just wont GO AWAY. With the municipal elections looming, an event made memorable by being so un-eventful, advertisements for future politicians are playing on repeat. And guess who’s back? Yeah, Envision Edmonton.

“Vote for democracy!”, they cry. “Have your say about the airport!”

Look, leave me alone. Even if I was interested in your stupid campaign, now I’m going to go out of my way to vote for someone who is against saving the airport.

No! I don’t want to hear your arguments anymore. You had a chance, you threw it away, go find another cause to irritate me about. Instead of getting my support, your advertisements have turned me so against your cause, I’m going to go out of my way to spite you.

Cause I vote like that.


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Your method for choosing a candidate to vote for is immature, in the least.

Also, the matter of the airport plebiscite petition has NEVER gone before the courts in Alberta. It will do so in February.

So, while I agree with the premise of your article, you should check your facts.

Comment by Sirthinks


Sure, it’s immature. Although I had already decided on a candidate due to his actual campaign. The purpose of my article was simply to state that all the junk Envision Edmonton has been spewing has simply irritated me to the point of not even wanting to hear their argument.

But hey, if you think THAT’S immature, read the rest of my blog. HAHAHA

Comment by tlabine246

Check your facts tannis…. Fuck! What a wank, fuck edmonton let it rot… Like the roads or the people in constant construction.

Comment by Bill

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