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You’re Driving me Democrazy! – Again
October 16, 2010, 9:02 AM
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Wow, some people need to chill out. Yesterday’s post pissed some Envision Edmonton people off. Got hate mail, it was great. But I guess you can’t necessarily be a “chilled out” dude if your job is to scan the Internet, hunting for naysayers.

Whatever happened to humble defeat?

Ok, I may have missed some facts, but let’s not fool ourselves here. This is not the Times, or really anything of importance. This blog is the result of an over-abundance of thoughts in my brain. So yes, everyone is entitled to their opinions, including myself.

And the right to opinions is what democracy stands for, isn’t it? Therefore, my opinion is as valid as yours, regardless of if you agree with me or not. I haven’t smashed my TV up because of your commercials, have I?

Let’s summarize what we’ve learned recently:
1. I don’t care what you do with the airport.
2. Your persistence should be noble, but instead has turned to plain out annoying.
3. If I’m going to vote for your candidate, they have got to be able to offer me more than a vote on the airport. You know, something like roads, LRT expansion, more funding for education.


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This is not the NY Times but your points are just as valid as theirs. In fact, since you do not write your articles for advertisers, the shareholders or for political gain, I can only surmise that your points my hold more worth and be less influenced by outside interest. Keep them coming and enjoy your Democracy.

Comment by tripthroughmymind

From another Edmontonian… Eff you Envision Edmonton!! Yeah… thats right… I said it!

Comment by mlacarte

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