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You’re Driving me Democrazy – A Suggestion
October 18, 2010, 7:49 AM
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I’ve given the whole airport issue a lot of thought this weekend. I really am trying to see the argument from the perspective of keeping the airport. However, I can only disillusion myself so much. I was asked to look at facts. OK, I’ve got some facts for you regarding this hot-headed topic:

1. The airport is a continuous financial loss to our city. Even when we host the Edmonton Indy, the international recognition we receive does not compensate for the dollars spent on this event.

2. Kingsway area ranks at least #2 on the list of “places I don’t want to go unless I have bear spray”. You don’t need stats and figures to determine that this area of the city is in complete ruin. It has become a haven to drug addicts, prostitutes and other undesirables.

3. The City of Edmonton has been expanding residential areas outwards, rather than revitalizing already established neighbourhoods. Coyotes, deer and other wildlife are constantly being forced from their territory, only to be found amongst the streets of the city. The Canadian Brit’s girlfriend actually ran across a grouping of coyotes in the Whyte Ave area (guess it wasn’t a Saturday).

So with these things in mind, this is my suggestion:

Get rid of the airport. Tear the bloody thing down and build new homes for families. Revitalize the area slowly, starting with this significant act. However, ‘out-with-the-old’ doesn’t necessarily mean you need to forget the services provided to our city by the airport. I suggest that due to the close proximity to NAIT, we dedicate a dorm to aeronautical and engineering students currently studying their crafts. A safe, clean apartment building is even more incentive to bring students to NAIT. Most students don’t even live in the same area as their college because of the low-level of accommodations and safety issues of the surrounding neighbourhoods.

There, is everyone happy now?


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Yep, Kingsway sucks.

Comment by Zeke

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