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Ra-Ra-Ra, Althetes or Sex Objects?
October 22, 2010, 7:05 AM
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The Edmonton Oilers are notorious for letting fans down. It’s ok, we’ve come to accept that about them. Although it’s seeming as if they can’t accept that fact about themselves. This season is, surprisingly, turning out to be a pretty positive one for them (they actually won more than one game); however, they must feel the need to distract fans from their regularly dismal performance. So now we have cheerleaders.

This has sparked a lot of anger from Women’s Studies Students (I will, for the sake of politeness, refrain from stating my first thought about ball-busting feminists; but it had something to do with dehydration) who insist that they will not be attending any sporting events that portray women as sex objects.

Why are they sex objects? Because they have athletic bodies and wear skimpy uniforms? Well if that’s the basis we’re working on, then I would further suggest a boycott of figure skating. Female skaters’ dresses don’t even cover their bums for the most part. Or how about professional dancing? The cleavage! Oh the cleavage!

Wait, what? I’m being silly and unreasonable? Is it because I’m comparing apples to, well, apples? A sport is a sport, regardless of the uniform you’re wearing when you perform. To suggest that cheerleaders are only sex objects is just silly. I am acquainted with two cheerleaders myself, one of whom used to be on the very cheer team that the Oilers have enlisted (the Edmonton Eskimos cheer team). If I’ve learned anything from these two girls, it’s that they are regularly more beat up and sore and athletic than anyone at the gym (a place, by the way, which also regularly exhibits skimpy outfits). They must maintain their training to be able to perform the stunts they do. Even a small girl is hard to hold up over your head. And I guess backflips and stuff, why even take those athletic feats into consideration?

It’s OK Women’s Studies students. No one is going to make you watch cheerleaders if you’re so upset about it. Keep on trucking in your sweatpants and beautiful brain.

If there’s anything to be upset about, don’t be upset about the sport of cheerleading. Instead be upset that the Oilers are so bad they have to resort to sex appeal to keep their fan base.


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This is brilliant Tannis!

As a member of the Eskimo Cheer Team for 6 years, it’s also important for people to understand the countless hours of volunteer work and community involvement the team puts forth every season out of the goodness of our hearts. Our team participates in 100+ charitable events every year. Also, we are a team recognized throughout Canada and the States as being talented world-class athletes.

Those who cannot see past the surface have the completely wrong idea about the sport, and that is incredibly unfortunate

Comment by Lindsay

Feminists are the worst. They always get all huffy at strippers, cheerleaders and models because they’re showing off their bodies. What they clearly don’t realize is that a) no one is putting a gun to their head and telling them to do it. They’re choosing to; b) GUYS DO IT TOO. THERE ARE MALE STRIPPERS AND DANCERS AND MODELS.

The Oilers are the first Canadian NHL team to have a cheerleading team. Personally, I believe its because they need it the most 😛
Although I can’t really say anything… my team is sucking the big one this year.

Comment by J

Here Here Tannis. I am upset about the Oilers having cheerleaders, not because of the cheerleaders (Lindsay) but because … well why, why are the cheerleaders necessary? Aren’t we there to watch hockey.. or the Oilers version of it anyway? Perhaps instead of paying cheerleaders to cheer they should lower their beer prices then the fans wont notice how badly the boys are playing hockey!

Comment by Terrie

OR, the Oilers could try some of that thing called “team mentality”. In my opinion, growing up in a hockey family, each Oiler player is completely guilty of showboating and slacking off. They did it with Roloson, he saved their butts SO MANY times and then they’re like “ah, we don’t have to try hard. We have Roloson”. Who is, by the way, totally human and capable of making errors. Now we have Taylor Hull, an addition we may be proud of, although we shouldn’t be proud of the fact that we had to be the WORST team to get first draft pick. So how long until we run him into the ground, expecting him to play all positions and save our asses?

Anyhow, I just have no respect for the Oilers as a team. And about beer prices? Yeah, totally. Doesn’t Katz have enough money to purchase the entire city 20 times over? Dude, $8.00 for piss beer isn’t cool

Comment by tlabine246

I like this comment Tannis. I’m ok with the cheerleaders doing their thing, and I’m very bothered by the need of most people to criticize everything about the Oilers. I don’t give a dm about the Oilers performance this season, I’m just happy that there is some entertaining bits to watch during the game. If the cheerleaders can contribute to that entertainment, there should be no reason to criticize these girls for being sexy. And if they’re not talented or sexy, then I will just drink more booze.

Comment by Zeke

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