The Lifespan of a Fly

Last Stop For Resolution – Part III
December 5, 2010, 7:01 PM
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The lights on the train were still off and somewhere a child was softly crying. Nick could hear its mother shushing it unconvincingly. Nearby someone was humming. The tune reminded Nick of soft summer evenings, clear skies, and a longing only a lover scorned could feel. Nick felt sad listening to the singer and he couldn’t say exactly why he felt that way.

Pop! Pop! Pop! The train’s emergency lights flickered on and Nick glanced around him. The giggling teenage girls were huddled close and for once were silent and ashen faced. The old man had apparently missed all of the action and was still asleep with his head resting against the window. And above all else, the man in the sunglasses was still staring at Nick. Even though he couldn’t see his eyes, Nick could feel them burning into him as the man examined him.

“So friend, what brings you to this train at this time?” asked the man.

“I was on my way home to –,” Nick started when he was rudely interrupted by hysterical crying of a woman a few seats ahead of him. She was holding a young boy tightly against her chest and was rocking back and forth. A  familiar feeling of digust rose in his chest. Nick looked away and found himself staring into the obscured eyes of the strange man. He still had not taken off his sunglasses.

“We’re going to die! I just know it!” the hysterical woman cried. The train had been stopped for thirty minutes.




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