The Lifespan of a Fly

Last Stop for Resolution – Part IV
December 8, 2010, 8:25 PM
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On a side note, I didn’t realize until I checked later, but my letter to Sarah was my 100th post! I actually can’t think of a more appropriate post for that date. So let me take this time to thank my readers, for coming out and continuing to stick with The Lifespan of a Fly. I enjoy writing it (for the most part…. that’s right ginger, I’m looking at you and your tireless “have you posted yet? You know, it’s been a while since you posted. What school work? Whatever, just post something…”) and I’m glad that most of you enjoy it. To another 100 posts!

The funeral was scheduled for one o’clock and Nick was running late. Jerry Hugh had hung himself last Saturday. Nobody knew that it was more than a stomach bug until Tuesday, when his landlord, upon the insistence of his family, opened his apartment and saw him hanging from the ceiling, face purple and swollen, eyes bulging nearly out of their sockets.

Nick didn’t want to go to the funeral. He had better things to do then go to the funeral.

“I have clients,” he argued to Frank Stanton at drinks the night before.

“We all do,” Frank snorted. “Your clients can wait until Monday. Don’t even try to get out of this Nick. You, above everyone else, is obligated to go.” Nick felt his face flush and his temper rise at this.

“How am I singled out here? If Jerry had done a better job protecting his client relations than he wouldn’t have been in the situation he was,” Nick argued.

“I imagine the whole losing his house, and wife, and children probably made it a little hard for Jerry to concentrate on work. You should be more sympathetic, Nick. You stole his clients—,”

“He was neglectful!”

“And then you think about skipping the funeral of the same guy, who just so happened to hang himself last Saturday. That’s just low.”

Nick reflected on this conversation as he was hailing a cab. It’s not my fault. Nick tried to convince himself. You can’t blame a guy for trying to get a head up. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. Jerry should have understood that. My father would have.

Jumping into a taxi, Nick rearranged his expensive emerald cufflinks and sped off to attend the funeral of the guy he helped to kill.


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