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Confessions of an App Addict
May 17, 2011, 10:52 AM
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As I typed in the title of this post bzzzzip! a notification popped up on my iPod, informing me that my breadfruit is ready to harvest. I managed, this time, to restrain myself from ecstatically clicking “Harvest”. Whoo. That was a close one.

Last year, I had a problem. A problem called FarmVille. I had to quit cold turkey. You know you have a problem when you’re looking at your crops and debating whether or not you’ll be able to harvest your coffee in time, or if that little thing called “sleep” is gonna get in the way. The real problem was that I’m a closet farmer. I’d wait until Mike was in the shower, or preparing dinner and quickly plant new rows of cotton.

Then I got busted and ridiculed, like, a lot. So I quit cold turkey and never looked back.

Until I found ZombieFarm. It’s cooler than FarmVille because this one has zombies… right?

At least that’s what I tell myself until I click on it’s funny little icon to check on my farm and it asks me (every single time), if I’d like to connect to Facebook so I can share my progress with my friends. Why would I want to do that!?!?! Then they’d know I play ZombieFarm! I can’t have that happen! I don’t want them to know I’m a loser with a fake little farm which I routinely plant, water, and love, while my dogs stare at me with their big dopey eyes and hope that I’ll take them outside in the sunshine. Get lost dogs! My zombies need to battle the Easter Bunny to feed!

I felt so alone. That is, until J’s mother inadvertently posted a photo of her own ZombieFarm. I’M NOT A COMPLETE LAME-O! I triumphantly thought (there’s no way I’d vocalize this and be forced to explain my outburst to anyone around me).

But that’s just me grasping at rotting body parts isn’t it? I’ve been zombified by ZombieFarm.


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