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A Sad Tale of Men and Breasts
May 31, 2011, 8:01 AM
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For a small donation, you can change one woman's life forever

Most of the time I hate Facebook, but like picking scabs, I just can’t stop logging on and checking out what people are up to. A peer of mine (you can check her out at posted a link up to a website that allows men to make monetary donations which provide for young, poor, pathetic women to get free breast implants. Poor women, they only have B-cups. Oh my, how else will they climb the corporate pole ladder? Brains and work ethic only goes so far you know.

Anyhow, for a small donation, men out there can make the hopes and aspirations come true for women who have always wanted the pain pleasure of large breasts. Who would deny them this dream? Strippers and Hoochie-Mama’s rejoice! Out there, somewhere on the wild, unfettered Internet, there’s a man who would just love to make your dream of big bouncy cha-cha’s true!

But it’s sad really. These generous men, they donate their hard-earned money, money that could be used to give their own wives bigger breasts (how self-less of them). Yet, they cannot lay claim to these exotic melons they helped create. Sure, the boobs write them letters and send them pictures as they grow up, move onto college and eventually meet the right boy for them. It breaks my heart you know, to think that these men put their love, hard work, and their soul into the development of some lovely man-made cha-chas and yet can never touch, cuddle, or caress them. It just seems so unfair, you know?

Oh the tragedy! The tragedy!


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