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Dear Husband…
September 28, 2011, 7:34 AM
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Dear Husband,

I awoke early to begin my day of writing. I awoke early, knowing just what I needed to fill that void in my stomach. I awoke early, to see your betrayal staring me in my face.

That’s right, I’m talking about the milk. You remember the milk right? You remember how you poured some into your tea last night? Yes I thought you might. You remember how you used the last bit of the precious liquid in your cereal this morning, right? I bet you can still feel the sweetness against your tongue.

Well I didn’t get to do any of that! My pot of coffee had brewed and the warm smell wrapped itself around my senses. Oh, I was looking forward to enjoying at least three cups of it this morning. But alas! It was not to be! Do you know why, Dear Husband?

Because you used the last of the milk and didn’t replace it!

I was not planning on using the last two eggs this morning. I was going to save them for a large breakfast that the two of us could share. We would daintily feed each other healthy slices of toast filled with eggs and tomatoes and tell jokes that no one else gets. Instead, on this sunny fall morning, I would eat some cereal to conserve the eggs to share with you, my love.

Alas! It was not to be! Why, Dear Husband? Because you used the last of the milk and didn’t replace it!

So I sit here, drinking black coffee, cooking up the last of the eggs, and yet I think of you, Dear Husband.

I think, that when you return from your hectic busy day; when you come into the door with your arms open wide for your Welcome Home hug; when you gesture to your head to show me a haircut which is never styled anyhow… I think, Dear Husband:



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LMAO. I know this feeling oh so well.

Comment by Amanda Noelle Legault

This is great!!!

Comment by Monique

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