The Lifespan of a Fly

About The Writer


This is me.

Tannis makes her home in an abandoned mineshaft secretly
hidden away in Edmonton’s River Valley. As a vegetarian, she is
routinely left to gather berries and naturally growing asparagus
and has, on occasion, bought some soup at Axxis Cafe. She enjoys
banana daquiris and movies including violence. She hopes her
readers will take the hint and send her banana daquiris or
violence. She isn’t too particular. She’s also a student of the
Professional Writing program at Grant MacEwan University. Whatever
the hell that’s supposed to mean. Don’t try this at home kids, I’m
a professional.


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Tannis I found your blog via Freshly Pressed, I am hypnotised by your banner art – can you tell me who the artist is?

I’d send over a home made daquiri but I’m not sure it’d survive the journey from London! 😉

Comment by Shreen Ayob

I’ll try to remember and email it to you if I do. Thanks for stopping by!

Comment by tlabine246

Your Freshly Pressed blog about CBS’ new show caught my eye, and I like what you have to say.

I also like to see a little bit about the authors of blogs that capture my interest. I smiled when I saw that you are a fellow Edmontonian. I guess I thought that big blog site authors live far away. Oh well, been wrong before and old enough now not to take it really hard when I’m wrong again.

Is your mineshaft cozy? I’ve often wondered if they are. 😛

From the glorious west end of Edmonton,

Comment by warprinkathy

I am also a west-ender!

Comment by tlabine246

Have you been enjoying the yellow, hazy days lately?
; )

Comment by warprinkathy

Hence the persistent migraine.

Comment by tlabine246

I recently joined the world of wordpress but have found your writings through the Fresh Pressed and am hooked. I would like to share your pages with others. Would you mind if I put a link on my Blogroll to your site?

Comment by tripthroughmymind

Absolutely you may.

Comment by tlabine246

Hell yeah!

Comment by mlacarte

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